10 Interesting facts about Chennai India

10 Interesting facts about Chennai India

1)  Chennai is the third-highest-income Indian city by GDP per capita ($1,870 nominal). The top 2 Indian cities by GDP per capita are: Delhi and Mumbai

2) The primary language spoken in Chennai is Tamil, the official language of Tamil Nadu. However, a majority of the population speak in English, Telugu, and Malayalam

3) It has the second longest beach in the world (Marina Beach)

4) Chennai employs the second largest number of people in India, in terms of manpower

5) Chennai has been voted one of the safest cities to live in India

6) It’s the automobile hub of India

7) Chennai is the cultural capital of India

8) It was earlier known as Madrasapatnam 

9) Chennai’s two-wheeler population ranks in the top three in South Asia

10) Our development team is based there!