Your End-to-End Umbrella Company Software

Almost all umbrella companies operate multiple departments ranging from new business to payroll, to the finance department.

Making all of these departments streamlined can be difficult when each department is using different software to ultimately arrive at the same goal: ensuring the contractors are paid on time and in full.

With My Digital Accounts we can eliminate all of your inefficiencies as we offer an unrivaled end-to-end umbrella service making the contractors journey as streamlined as possible.

Integrated CRM

With CRM and business management functionality you can set up your client list and leads, administer IR35 and SDC tests and even send out and track your welcome packs.

Once the contractor is fully signed up it’s just the click of a button to transition the contractor into the bookkeeping package where we offer a range of payroll types.

Full CIS functionality allows you to pay your self-employed workers, a standard umbrella contractor model and the fully dynamic “Contractor as employee” model make running your contractor payrolls easy.

Bulk Payroll

Our timesheet system makes invoicing quick and easy whether they be manual or via upload.

Our contractor portal allows workers to input and submit their expenses and view any historic payslips.

Submit your FPS and send your payslips on a schedule so you don’t even have to lift a finger.

Once invoices and payrolls are run, postings are automatically made to our accounting function.  We use third party APIs so you can see your bank feeds meaning you can match off the invoices that you have just paid out in the bank and look at in real time at the company accounts without having to journal out of one piece of software and import into another.

Our user interface has been deliberately engineered to speed up the accounting process whilst simultaneously ensuring total accuracy. The My Digital Accounts homepage features Dynamic Accounts that adjust in real time according to expenses, payments and revenue, allowing you fast and easy access to all of your vital account information at a glance.

Automated accounting

And as a cloud based software; you can do this from anywhere in the world!

When you process your Umbrella payroll, the accounting entries are automatically made in your My Digital general ledger integrated accounts package meaning no more endless reconciliations between your payroll and accounting records!

Streamline your business today and get rid of the multitude of software subscription costs, and pay just for the payrolls you run!

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