Today’s digital workforce 

Jobs for life are history. Permanent employment is on the wane. The move to flexible employment is accelerating fast across diverse roles in construction, IT, healthcare, retail and logistics.

The benefits are clear. Employers have to respond with agility to changing market requirements building custom-made workforces rapidly when and where they are needed. As a result, workers become ‘specialists’ who deliver specific skills on demand and can gain greater rewards for their work. We call them ‘solopreneurs’.

The infrastructure for solopreneurs

This landscape of ‘solopreneurs’ has to be paid and taxed if it’s to function for the benefit of all its stakeholders. To do this, a layer of businesses has sprung up between the employer requiring the work and the specialist workers delivering. These recruiters, Professional Employer Organisations (PEOs) and umbrella companies offer innovative solutions to paying salaries to, and taxes on behalf, of solopreneurs.

Quantum employment

These businesses are challenged by legacy processes because they are, in effect, contracting with solopreneurs acting as nano businesses. These nano businesses in turn need to pay salaries, accrue pension benefits and submit regular returns and taxes. Underlying this is the need for end-to-end transparency.

The new way of doing things was born

Imagine a platform to reduce the time and staff required to administer the complex new world of flexible employment. One designed to cope with the smallest element of employment – minutes on a timesheet. Where the time taken, and staff required, to match the day-to-day workforce management to financial accounting was as quick as a click.

We did just that. We call it Quantum Employment Design.  

A SaaS platform design to…


Reduce the time & staff taken to administer the current & future complex word of flexible employment


Cope with the quantum (smallest) element of employment – minutes on a timesheet


Make matching the day to day workforce management to management financial accounting as quick as a click!

Quantum Employment Design (QED) provides transparency and speeds up the core processes needed to manage tomorrow’s digital quantum employed workforce, because it was designed for it.  It empowers you to design your business and processes for the quantum employed workforce of tomorrow, not yesterday.

How does it work?


QED understands and adapts to process changes. It starts by providing an enhanced onboarding experience for individuals. It automates timesheets, invoices and bank matching across, and all the way through to, payslips and tax remittances. All this enables the in-house IT to concentrate on value added (not maintenance) activities and there is no ‘investment’ in fast depreciating servers!

With Quantum Employment Design, manual reconciliations go the way of hand-written timesheets and paper payslips. Remember them?


QED works wherever teams are deployed and whenever they need to be enrolled, paid or taxed. QED provides protection from the disruption of legislative changes. It loves change. The more complex the better.


Tomorrow’s quantum workforce 

My Digital is a pioneer in Quantum Employment Design and the leading SaaS supplier for tomorrow’s digital employers. Our background in accountancy, tax, human resources and SaaS software has allowed us to build out the most complete QED software suite for recruiters, umbrella companies, PEOs, pension providers, insurers and checking operators.

 Our vision

My Digital exists to serve the needs of the many and the few. We love the new workforce. We can clearly see this quantum employed workforce will demand more from those they exchange their skills and labour. Those who effectively employ them.

Our vision is to make My Digital the platform for tomorrow’s labour market.


Partnering with the best to innovate the future of work