Make your Spreadsheet’s a thing of the past with our fully integrated CRM. Tracking a contractor from prospect to live client has never been easier. Without re-keying any information, a contractor can be moved through the sign-up process into either an umbrella company or Limited company, saving you buckets of time.

Our Key Features Include:

Contractor Management

We believe all of your contractors’ information should be in the same system as your payroll and accounting system. Whether they are still a prospect, going through sign up or a fully live client, all your contractor’s information is in one easy to manage place.

Agency management

Signing up new agencies or managing existing ones is easy with our agency management. Contracts and agreements can be attached to the agencies record and all activity on the account can be tracked and reported on.

Notes, Tasks and workload scheduling

Make notes on contractor or agency accounts for a full audit history of communication. Schedule tasks for your colleagues and track the status of tasks to completion. Tasks due for the day are displayed on a user’s dashboard and calendar.

Email templates

Sending bulk emails to your customer base has never been easier. No need to export from our system in order to do a mail merge, simply create an email template, select the contacts to send to and track the emails sent within our email module.

Contracts and starter packs

Signing up a contractor to your service has never been easier. Send starter packs, letters of engagement or contracts for e-signing within My Digital Accounts. Contracts are populated from information held in the CRM so no need for re-keying. Progress of signing can be tracked within our dedicated module.

Client checklist

Our client checklist is a practice management tool that allows you to track the progress of limited company sign ups with ease. Replacing existing spreadsheets, VAT, PAYE, and bank registrations etc. can be tracked easily until completion as well as tracking status of statutory accounts and VAT submissions.

SMS Messaging

Send custom or generic SMS messages to your contacts within the software. Sending a reminder via SMS has never been easier.

SDC and IR35 Integrated tests

Legislation within the contractor industry is ever changing. The SDC and IR35 module allows you to assess each contractor with each new assignment and store the results within the software. The outcome of the tests can be emailed to your contractor.

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