The My Digital
group of products

Developed for Umbrella Companies, Contractor Accountants & Recruitment Agencies – the My Digital group of products service the temporary labour market and is the first to have a payment solution for every link of the contractor supply chain.

Designed by a team with years of industry experience our offerings help navigate an industry of complex legislation.

My Digital Accounts is the UK’s leading cloud based contractor payroll and accounting software.

My Digital Accounts

Accounting and payroll software perfect for Umbrella’s and PSC’s. An end to end package incorporating CRM, MTD compliant bookkeeping and bulk payroll modules. Integration between modules saves time giving you opportunity to grow your business.


Built in CRM


Fully integrated bank matching


Bulk Payroll

My Digital Bridge

Use spreadsheets to submit MTD compliant VAT returns via our bridging software. Businesses or accounting clients without an MTD ready bookkeeping package can simply upload a spreadsheet and submit.


Making Tax Digital compliant


Keep your spreadsheets


Free to accountants and businesses wanting to join the HMRC pilot before April 2019!


Texas is the perfect partner for any recruitment business looking to manage timesheets and expenses with ease. Using the integrated timesheet collection and client authorisation it will allow you to raise Sales Invoices and Remittances seamlessly. Texas also helps you remain compliant whilst also increasing business efficiencies by keeping everything in one place with our compliance module.


Integrated client authorisation


Reporting suits


Audit trail

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