After almost a year long hiatus from the blog we’re back!!

…and our first piece of exciting news is we have a brand new update (just in time for Halloween) to share with you…


  How do spiders communicate?

 Through the World Wide Web!  


  • The Banking Screen can now handle bulk allocating of transactions. Handy if you have lots of the same expenses each week!  (Bulk allocation of invoices and reimbursements etc. are coming soon!)
  • You can now search the bank transactions by date, description or amount.
  • In the General ledger you can now see a full description of the transaction, bank references, invoice numbers etc. and all the details pull through to the excel download report.
  • We have added the ability to allocate reciepts to all available accounting codes directly from the bank (including Directors Loan Accounts!).



Why are ghosts such terrible liars?

Because you can see right through them!!!


  • Under payroll settings there is now the ability to show income statement elements for contractor as employee and ability to select/deselect the various elements of the pay depending on what you want to show on the payslip
  • Timesheet history/upload now have a quick view for invoice number and amounts and reimbursement number and amount.
  • New report which shows the reason for the exception when trying to run payroll
  • Ability to re-run payroll prior to verify stage to be able to amend any issues which arose in the initial run.
  • Assignments are now automatically closed at the same date that the contractor is made a leaver.



Why don’t angry witches ride their brooms?

They’re afraid of flying off the handle!!!


  • When organising your Businesses you will now only see the most recently worked on businesses. If you want to see a full list you can now quickly click on the Load all Businesses button.
  • When performing a searching in the Businesses section it will now bring the whole business structure through including the Branches and Business Contacts.
  • In the Add People screen fewer fields are mandatory for you to be able to save the record. The system will however prevent you from creating their record without all the necessary information in the payroll screen so your payroll team don’t get half the information passed through!
  • Notes are now colour coded by their due date, Red for overdue, Green for today and Black for future tasks.


Were all constantly adding new features to our system and would love to hear what new features are most important to you.

Please leave a comment in the box below thanks

Team MDA