The motto of the famous Yale University is “Lux et Veritas”, meaning “Light and truth”, and looking a bit closer to home, the Liverpool John Moores University will tell you that “Fortune assists the bold”. Both are very profound, but at My Digital Accounts, we like to keep things much simpler, as our humble motto is this….

  Aim for the stars and you’ll land on the moon 


But before we can safely send any rockets anywhere, we all need to know exactly what our software can do – therefore our very own university was born! This is our answer to both staff and client training, and we have designed our own curriculum and exams to make sure all the students are fully qualified MDA experts.

As with any university, there are a few lectures to attend (100% attendance expected!) in which lots of questions and examples are encouraged, followed by an assessment of the student’s readiness to be let loose in the world of MDA.

With staff and clients alike, our assessment is split into multiple areas of the software which makes it so important as it helps identify any gaps in our student’s knowledge and helps your professor know where they need to help.

Getting to know a brand-new piece of software is a big deal, so this is also an extremely useful tool to make sure our clients know how to use the software to its full potential, making sure there is an understanding of what every module can do and how it can be applied to the client’s current workflow. This will always be a vital part of training because we can identify where processes will fit perfectly, but most importantly where they need to change and where the most support needs to be offered.

We may not be as successful as NASA yet but One day, we will send a rocket to the moon 

This weeks blog was brought to you by Hannah Brady