The ‘New Year New Me’ trend strikes again, with many aiming to drastically detox after the inevitable Christmas binge. But instead of just swapping the local pub for the local gym, or a sausage roll for a vegan roll – why not consider updating your Payroll and Accounting Software?

The New Year and the impending legislative changes in the temporary labour market, such as Making Tax Digital (MTD) and IR35 reforms in the private sector, could make 2019 the perfect time to review your software and internal processes. Are you as futureproofed and automated as you could be? SaaS products traditionally offer their users regular legislative updates and feature developments, allowing the users to stay up to date with technology with little or no effort.

Cloud-based technology has been around since circa 2006 but many companies are still making do with a server in the corner of their office. Cloud technology allows workers to access the software anywhere with an internet connection. Could 2019 be the year your business embraces cloud technology and improves employee efficiencies?

Remember, the 7 most expensive words in business ‘we have always done it this way!’.


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