10 Things You Might Not Know About My Digital Accounts.

Did you know, My Digital Accounts offers much more than just market leading cloud contractor payroll software.

Our team of 30 developers have spent the last few years developing;

  1. The ability for workers to seamlessly flip between our Limited Company product and contractor payroll offering – the impending IR35 reforms will mean contractors may potentially migrate from their PSC’s to your payroll for new assignments, MDA makes the process easy


  1. Illustrative take home summarys and payslips– workers can see their take home pay based on the assumptions they tell you (including Holiday Pay, App Levy, Pension, Student Loan deductions etc)


  1. Worker self-sign up – with the click of a button you can send your potential employees a link to complete and return, automating the sign-up process!


  1. Full HMRC integration for FPS, EPS, CIS300, CIS Verification, tax code updates… and much more


  1. Process 1,000s of workers in a matter of seconds – our innovative ‘one-click’ payroll processing irrespective of volume or complexity. All contractor payroll models catered for including PAYE, Umbrella, CIS, SE


  1. Bulk Payroll infinite Limited Companies simultaneously – with 1 click you can run all of your Limited Company payrolls, produce payslips, RTI, make the relevant account postings and much more


  1. Open Banking integration for automated cash matching – live bank feeds allowing real time cash allocation


  1. Automated account postings and full Trial Balance, P&L and MTD complaint VAT returns (for payroll companies & Limited Companies!) – you can even produce management accounts!


  1. Holiday Pay and Advances modules – monitor the status off Holiday Pay and Advances and initiate their payment from within MDA


  1. Limited Company and Contractor Payroll specific mobile applications


Get in touch to hear more! Josh.bramall@mydigitalaccounts.com 07969836269