Climbing onto the podium. Talent and technology shape the future of employment.

Climbing onto the podium. Talent and technology shape the future of employment.

A few months ago, just as the dark cloud of the pandemic was beginning to spread across Europe, I was having a chat with one of my friends and he mentioned this company to me. A company that was quite young and in the payroll business but which was making headway and growing rapidly. Sounds interesting, I remember saying, but what’s it got to do with me? Well, said my pal, “There are a lot of echoes between this company and Fairsail, my old haunt, another ground-up start-up and in a very similar space. I know the CEO and you two will get on well together, you really should have a chat sometime… 


As you’ve probably guessed this CEO was John Whelan; so John and I did get around to spending quite a bit of time talking with one another and I got to learn a lot more about My Digital. I learned about the challenges and the breakthroughs and about the people within the team and all their contributions. And there were some things that particularly grabbed my attention.  


Things such as the market focus on payroll for the temporary labour market, such focus lends credibility beyond its size to a young and growing company.  

Things such as the Cloud based delivery of the applications, a hugely cost effective way to bring a new product to market and just what today’s companies are buying – SaaS rules! Things such as the customer base, few things testify to a new company’s market relevance than real customers that are using the applications in mission critical instances. Paying folk is definitely critical! I did a small calculation and it turns out that around £1,000,000,000 of payroll is going to be processed through My Digital this year! Yes, thats 1 billion pounds folks, that our customers have confidently entrusted us with! 


This year and next are going to be an interesting time for our company as it continues to expand. Tempting though it is to liken a company’s development to that of a person, I prefer to think of it more in terms of the development of an athlete. During their early careers, athletes begin to stand out as they win races and their performances improves with each impressive performance, frequently measured in seconds for the runners and metres for the throwers. But in the intensely competitive world of athletics, its only those athletes that maintain focus and keep working hard that will see their performances continue to improve, bringing success at ever higher levels. And with those successes, comes the fameglory and podiums.  


In a similar way, a new company with a talented team and exciting technology will find opportunities, display the capabilities of the products and services, make sales and begin to grow. As they grow, they get noticed as word spreads of their impressive offering and the company is able to back the hype with their performance and drive. The next step is to maintain focus and continue our work as a company of the future with innovation and growth. And this I believe is where we at My Digital are at now, we have an impressive track record for building the software of choice for the future of employment and are proving ourselves as innovators and pioneers in our field. 


During my recent visit to the offices I was greatly impressed both by the team but also by the undercurrent of confident enthusiasm that was present throughout. I feel very excited to be part of such a team and look forward to contributing in any way I can to get us to that podium!