Why My Digital Accounts?

At My Digital Accounts, our number one priority is delivering a nimble, affordable, and efficient accounts preparation solution for accountants. By replacing time consuming spreadsheets and manual data entry with our simple and responsive accounting software, you’ll soon find yourself saving hours of previously wasted time, giving you the freedom to reinvest attention directly into your business growth!

We're Always Here

By connecting to our cloud accounting software, clients can access accounts, recall data and automatically process payroll and HMRC submissions at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Take the Pressure Off

Cutting out tedious paperwork and calculations will give you the opportunity to capitalise on hours of wasted time every day, giving you the time to grow your business to new heights.

Safety is Key

Storing all of your data securely online, accounts are protected from both technical failures at the office and paper loss, keeping your records clean and accurate.

Optimised for browsers and mobile devices with a simple, responsive user interface, My Digital Accounts raises the bar in efficient, cloud accounting solutions. Using features such as Dynamic Accounts, both accountants and small businesses alike are able to track account activity, key dates and balances at a glance – combined with our unique tax calculator, hours of paper work and wasted time are eliminated, leaving our users with a streamlined accounting process capable of doubling the ratio of clients to accountants.

With your finances at your fingertips, My Digital Accounts users are able to send and receive payments, generate invoices and receive notifications alerting them to changes in their tax costs. Our payroll features include automatic processing, granting you the freedom to prepare batch payments from anywhere, at any time.

By allowing unlimited users to connect to our cloud based software on any device, accounts can be accessed from anywhere in the world on any device compatible with Windows, Android or iOS, making it simple to pick up where you left off no matter what happens. By cutting out paperwork and manual processes, colleagues can seamlessly transition between client accounts with the ability to view a full breakdown of previous activity, submissions and payments.

Our user interface has been deliberately engineered to speed up the accounting process whilst simultaneously ensuring total accuracy. The My Digital Accounts homepage features Dynamic Accounts that adjust in real time according to expenses, payments and revenue, allowing you fast and easy access to all of your vital account information at a glance.

Storing your data on the cloud with My Digital Accounts encourages both collaboration and transparency, strengthening your relationship with clients whilst improving account security. Our cloud based software will eliminate traditional hurdles including technical failure and paper loss as documents and data is stored online, making it available anywhere in the world with a network connection.

Studies show that the average software solution is utilised for up to a decade, and with frequent, free updates to the My Digital Accounts app you’ll have no trouble managing your growth and profitability using our efficient cloud based solution for years to come.

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