We’ve developed our accounting software around the idea that great relationships make the world go round. Designed by accountants with decades of experience, My Digital Accounts can simplify and streamline your finances all stored in the cloud, helping you build a thriving business, and a great relationship with your accounts. Go ahead, take the tour.

Automated Banking

Link and import your bank accounts and latest transactions without the need for manual data entry, preventing you from investing months on a complex migration process.

Dynamic Accounts

Watch your business cash flow adjust in real time as payments are sent and received, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of your account activity and available balance.

Massive Impact

With General, Expenditure, Income Reports and more, My Digital Accounts breaks down complex data into simplistic graphics and reports, offering faster comprehension and huge impact.

Unique Tax Calculator

My Digital Accounts features a built in personal tax calculator that generates costs based on your account data, cutting out time consuming manual processes and equations and allowing you to reinvest those wasted hours.

No Paperwork

Reduce your carbon footprint and risk of lost documents by storing all of your vital data securely on the cloud for instant recall and recovery whenever you need it – minimising risk and disruption.

Advanced Activity

Using our mobile app, you’ll receive real time notifications alerting you of major transactions move to and from your account, keeping you informed every step your business takes.

Instant Display

Our live Profit & Loss feature records transactions as and when they happen, giving you a day to day overview of your cash flow, allowing you to capitalise on time previously wasted on manual processing and end of month reports.

What I Can Draw

Using data collected from our unique tax calculator, My Digital Accounts will present the immediately available balance of your business accounts with a full breakdown report so you know exactly what’s coming and going.

Payroll Made Easy

Schedule transactions and payroll processing in advance by setting your preferred date and time, and allowing My Digital Accounts to roll out payments to your clients or employees automatically – always accurate, always on time.


Available on any Android or iOS device as well as any browser compatible with Windows PC or Mac, our specially engineered cloud accounting software is accessible no matter where your preference lies.

Stay Connected

Whether you’re in or out of the office you can create transactions and access customer data on demand using our My Digital Accounts smartphone app, allowing you to quickly access vital stats about your accounts anywhere in the world.

No Disruption

By automatically importing your accounts to My Digital Accounts, you’re free from investing months into a manual migration process – no wasted time, no business disruption, no brainer.

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