Day 12 – Making Tax Digital

15th June 2018
We have successfully hit 3 of the 5 API’s “Obligations”, “Liabilities” and “Payments”.
We have used the two factor authentication flow requiring access token.
Redirection of the client to a URL embedded into our application is necessary to authorise. This will be built into our workflow when creating screen designs.
Using the Auth code we can get the access token to the API’s
We are now working on the “View return” and “Submit return” API’s

Day 9 – Making Tax Digital

12th June 2018
After analysing the API’s it is clear that our current VAT workflow would not be appropriate.
We are in the process or redesigning the workflow and user interface. Wireframe designs are being put together by our user experience team.
Which workflow the user follows will be configurable in the limited company’s settings.
Each workflow will have a different menu item. Only one menu item
Each of the API’s are being tested for a positive response in isolation, in parallel with this work.

Day 4 – Making Tax Digital

7th June 2018
We are now happy with the MTD API’s and each of their functions.
We are now working on how we can incorporate each of the API’s into a workflow.
We will create the screen designs based on our intended workflow
Consideration must be given to how we manage dual processes at the same time in the same environment (XML flow and MTD API flow)
Configuration at company level is unavoidable

Our Making Tax Digital journey

Here we intend to share our journey though the development of a Making Tax Digital for VAT solution. As we go through it ourselves hopefully helping others who may be going through the same process.

We will be updating this blog regularly to try and keep you in the loop throughout so stay tuned and feel free to contribute!

Our plan is to complete the project by 13th July (day 40) by way of a successful submission

4th June 2018
The developers have been briefed on the concept of MTD as a whole.
We have studied the API road map and the status of each of the endpoints.
We are working through the end to end customer Journeys.
We are studying each of the API’s in the development hub.