Day 22 – Making Tax Digital

25th June 2018
We have completed the first draft of our screen designs for MTD – Click through the links below
Decision still needs to be made to which period we will get obligations for, financial year is preferred over tax year but API range is restricted to only 12 months.
New liabilities and payment screens will allow agents access to payment information that was previously unavailable
Direct Debit marker will give the user an indication if HMRC plan to take by DD

Get obligations screen
View liabilities screen
View payments screen
Submitted VAT return screen
Submit VAT return screen

Day 17 – Making Tax Digital

20th June 2018
We have now successfully tested all HMRC API’s
We are using HMRC’s generated test data which is working well
We are now progressing with our own database design to accommodate the new workflow
For those going through the same process, our more detailed summary can be seen below

Types of API endpoints in MTD:

  1. unrestricted endpoint
  2. application-restricted
  3. user-restricted

Application-restricted endpoint follows OAuth protocol to do two step verification, from that you can retrieve an access_token (expired in 4 hours) to access the API.

Step 1: Request authorisation (GET)

Step 2: (POST) Receive authorisation results from redirection UR & get authorisation code then request for access_token

Day 12 – Making Tax Digital

15th June 2018
We have successfully hit 3 of the 5 API’s “Obligations”, “Liabilities” and “Payments”.
We have used the two factor authentication flow requiring access token.
Redirection of the client to a URL embedded into our application is necessary to authorise. This will be built into our workflow when creating screen designs.
Using the Auth code we can get the access token to the API’s
We are now working on the “View return” and “Submit return” API’s

Day 9 – Making Tax Digital

12th June 2018
After analysing the API’s it is clear that our current VAT workflow would not be appropriate.
We are in the process or redesigning the workflow and user interface. Wireframe designs are being put together by our user experience team.
Which workflow the user follows will be configurable in the limited company’s settings.
Each workflow will have a different menu item. Only one menu item
Each of the API’s are being tested for a positive response in isolation, in parallel with this work.

Day 4 – Making Tax Digital

7th June 2018
We are now happy with the MTD API’s and each of their functions.
We are now working on how we can incorporate each of the API’s into a workflow.
We will create the screen designs based on our intended workflow
Consideration must be given to how we manage dual processes at the same time in the same environment (XML flow and MTD API flow)
Configuration at company level is unavoidable

Our Making Tax Digital journey

Here we intend to share our journey though the development of a Making Tax Digital for VAT solution. As we go through it ourselves hopefully helping others who may be going through the same process.

We will be updating this blog regularly to try and keep you in the loop throughout so stay tuned and feel free to contribute!

Our plan is to complete the project by 13th July (day 40) by way of a successful submission

4th June 2018
The developers have been briefed on the concept of MTD as a whole.
We have studied the API road map and the status of each of the endpoints.
We are working through the end to end customer Journeys.
We are studying each of the API’s in the development hub.



Post Accountex highlights


It’s been just over a week since we returned from Accountex, all very tired after such a busy few days

For those of you who don’t recognise the name Accountex, it the leading exhibition for accountants at the London Excel where we have been exhibiting for the last 3 years.

The four hour car journey covered in merchandise and singing our favourite songs meant we arrived in high spirits, only to have our expectations exceeded by the many people we met

Making Tax Digital presentation 

Our CEO John Whelan had the opportunity to talk about Making Tax Digital in the Tax now theatre. He promised to be entertaining and informative, and he did not disappoint, from software based jokes and retro theme songs, to informative advice that would be beneficial to all John attracted a large crowd with standing room only!

John chose Making Tax Digital as his discussion topic as it is only becoming increasingly important with less then a year until it is fully in force. Many in the audience were more resistant to the changes and wanted to know more about it and if it would affect them, John made sure to clear up any queries that anyone may have had whilst keeping it light-hearted and gaining a laugh or two.

If you have any queries about Making Tax Digital and would like to receive John’s presentation, email us at


With the recent news coverage IR35 has become a question on many peoples minds, especially at Accountex, people asking if they are eligible or not? As we specialise in the temporary labour market the IR35 test is included in our software to help workers avoid receiving an-unwelcome call from the tax man due to poor IR35 advce. To find out more about the legislation click here – or give us a call if you would like to find out how My Digital Accounts can help you..


We really stocked up on merchandise this year from cloud stress balls which were the most popular to branded calculators to power banks. We even had people coming over at the end of the show asking for power banks before the journey home. Hopefully this means our name and logo is now a staple feature in accounting offices up and down the country.


We had a fantastic time at Accountex this year and cannot wait for the next, only 334 days left!